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Propeller and Shaft Repair and Marine Equipment Servicing
(Commercial Vessels and Pleasure Yachts)

Propeller repair station provides
  • Quality weld repairs to propellers.
  • Alteration to propeller pitch using a customized hydraulic tweaker
  • Static and dynamic balancing of propellers up to 80” diameter
  • Propeller Analysis

Michigan Wheel utilizes the Hale M.R.I. (Measurement Recording Instrument) to digitally scan and record complete geometric propeller data from your propeller.

The benefits of propeller calibration and repair utilizing the Hale MRI include:

  • Synchronized propeller loading
  • Improved speed and fuel efficiency
  • Reduced vibration and noise.
Shaft repairs  
  • Removal and fixing of shafts and rudders on board.
  • Precision straightening of shafts and calibration.
  • Shaft alignment.
  • Replacement of shaft bearings and seals.
Other Services  
  • Complete overhaul of Waterjet propulsion Systems
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical maintenance and repairs to steering systems, thrusters and CPP units.
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